Our seminars are thought to present new scientific perspectives for a general audience of scientists and are open to stimulating discussions. Persons who are not registered users of Elettra and FERMI are advised to arrive early, to allow time for issuing a visitor's pass at the gate entrance.
If you want to join our seminar-list and receive the seminars's announcements, please send an e-mail to Alessandro Baraldi just typing in the subject SUBSCRIBE.

More detailed information may be obtained by clicking on the seminar title.

Upcoming Seminars

Seminars archive
Tue 23 May, at 10:30 - Seminar Room
Eric Borguet (Department of Chemistry, Temple University, Philadelphia)
Wed 24 May, at 16:00 - Seminar Room
Massimo Ferrario (INFN-LNF - On behalf of the EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB collaboration)
Tue 25 Jul, at 15:00 - Fermi room
Davide Sangalli (CNR-ISM, Division of Ultrafast Processes in Materials (FLASHit))
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