Active and stable non-noble metal materials
Gold catalysis
CO oxidation by water fragments
Novel materials
Self-assembly of the cephalopod protein reflectin
2D materials
Transition metal chalcogenide layers

the synchrotron light source

Scientists from all over the world can access our beamlines by submitting proposals that are evaluated on the basis of pure scientific merit and potential impact.
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the free-electron laser

The next generation light source is ready to open unprecedented opportunities in science, providing the brightest probe to look at ultrafast processes in the matter.
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MIUR International Projects

As multidisciplinary research centre Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is directly involved in numerous large-scale international projects.

User Area

Assistance to users coming to our facility for conducting proposals approved on the basis of peer review. How to become a user, apply and prepare for beamtime.

Industrial Liaison Office

The Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) manages Technology Transfer and  promotes the use of Laboratory facilities in applied research and for industrial applications.
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  • The fully coherent free electron laser FERMI paves the way to control ultrafast electron motion

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 | Trieste
Thursday, 13 October 2016 | Trieste
30 / 11 - 01 / 12, 2016 | Trieste, Italy
New Frontiers and Advanced Applications of 4th generation light sources to Atomic, Molecular, Optical, and Cluster Science
01 - 02 / 12, 2016 | Trieste, Italy
Smaller and Faster: Infrared and Terahertz Spectral-Imaging at the Nanoscale with Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Laser Sources
19 - 20 / 12, 2016 | Trieste, Italy
Technologically relevant Quantum Materials: growth, experiments and theory
24 - 29 / 09, 2017 | Trieste
24th International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis
Tue 15 Nov, at 10:00 - Seminar Room
Antonio Eduardo Martinelli (Department of Materials Engineering Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Natal, Brazil)
Monday, 3 October 2016 | Press | Italian version only
Friday, 30 September 2016 | Trieste | Italian version only

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