Access to the Internet at the Venue

Access to the Internet from any public place in Italy is strictly regulated by the Italian Law 155/2005 (also known as the "Pisanu Act").

Briefly, it states that:

  • any access to the Internet must be logged (the access, not the traffic) and kept for 4 years
  • any access must be identifiable
  • a copy of the photo ID of any person connecting to the Internet must be kept together with the logs.

Hence, during EPAC'08 every person will need a personal username and password to access the Internet.
In the registration area there will be a service to collect copies of photo IDs, giving back the username/password pairs.

To speed up this procedure, we kindly ask every attendee to supply in advance an image copy of his/her passport or any other valid photo ID, by scanning this document into JPG/PNG files and uploading it into the SPMS with this URL:

This procedure will be valid for both the computers in the Internet Café and by using personal laptops.

last update March 20, 2008, at 10:13 AM
by Ivan Andrian