Industrial Exhibitors If you have not filled in the online form devoted to exhibitors, please complete it with your name as well as that of all the staff members of your Company. Your collaboration will enable us to have your badges ready (EXHIBITOR counter) upon your arrival in Genoa.

Dear EPAC08 Industrial Exhibitor,

''due to the success of our Exhibition we have sold out all the Exhibition Booths foreseen. However we already have set up extra space to increase the Exhibition Area so to guarantee all the registered Exhibitors the same level of visibility for the Conference attendees.

These new booths can be booked completing the registration form.

We ENCOURAGE Industries, still Interested in booking a booth, to REGISTER and indicate the number of booth preferred, from no. 63 to no. 83.

The new layout of the Industrial Exhibition will be displayed on the Conference web pages soon.

Renzo Parodi Industrial Exhibition Manager

Please click here to log into the EPAC'08 SPMS to register for the EPAC'08 Industrial Exhibit.
You will need a JACoW username and password, if you do not have one you can register for one on the JACoW profile repository.

Payment by Bank Transfer is the only allowed method to finalize Exhibitor registration

Bank Account17860/W
NameThe Office s.r.l.
BankAntonveneta - Sede di Trieste
AddressPiazza della Borsa 11/a - Trieste - Italia
Bank Reference IBAN CODEIT37G050400223000000017860W
ABI-CAB05040 02230

Please include the name of conference "EPAC'08 + Name of the Company"

For any question concerning the registration bank transfer please contact

Exhibition Secretariat: Nadia Sambraello, e-mail:
Phone. +39 040 368343 ext.16 (or ask of Miss Nadia Sambraello)
Fax +39 040 368808

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