2008 European Physical Society Accelerator Group Accelerator Prizes

The Elected Board of the European Physical Society Accelerator Group (EPS-AG) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 EPS-AG Prizes as follows:

Best Student Posters:

High Efficiency Collimation with Bent Crystals
Presented by Said Hasan, Univ. Insubria and INFN Milano

Digital Acceleration Scheme of the KEK All-ion Accelerator
Presented by Tanuja Sushant Dixit, GUAS/AS, Ibaraki

Prize for a student registered for a PhD or diploma in accelerator physics or engineering or to a trainee accelerator physicist or engineer in the educational phase of their professional career, for the quality of work and promise for the future:

A Control and Systems Theory Approach to the High Gradient Cavity Detuning Compensation
Rocco Paparella, INFN/LASA, Segrate

The Rolf Wideröe prize for outstanding work in the accelerator field with no age limit, is awarded to Alex Chao, SLAC

“for many ground-breaking and fundamental contributions to accelerator physics, in particular for the study and understanding of collective beam behaviour, beam instabilities, beam distribution, spin dynamics, radiative polarization and beam beam effects, including the application of beam dynamics techniques to the problem of galaxy instability in astrophysics. For the direct or indirect contribution to the design and performance of almost every major accelerator, built or not built, over the past 30 years, and for his outstanding papers, lectures and books on accelerator physics.”

The Gersh Budker prize for a recent, significant contribution to the accelerator field with no age limit, is awarded to Norbert Holtkamp, ITER (formerly ORNL/SNS)

"for the construction and successful commissioning of the linac-driven Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) on time and to budget, within the constraints of a multi-laboratory collaboration. His inspirational leadership and outstanding management skills, combined with a thorough understanding of the technical and scientific challenges, were the essential components in successfully bringing together the highly effective SNS team."

The Frank Sacherer prize for an individual in the early part of his or her career, having made a recent, significant, original contribution to the accelerator field, is awarded to Viatcheslav Danilov, ORNL/SNS

“for numerous contributions to accelerator physics, in particular for the proposal, calculation, design, construction, and demonstration of efficient laser H- stripping.”
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