Poster Preparation Instructions

Each poster is displayed on two articulated boards (at approximately right angle), aligned in rows.

Poster board maximum useful dimensions are respectively:

  • Main board: 95cm x 238 cm [37.4 in x 93.7 in] (Width x Height)
  • Side board: 45cm x 238cm [17.7 in x 93.7 in] (Width x Height)

For reference an ANSI A0 page size is 84.1 x 118.9 cm and US Arch E format is 36 in x 48 in. It is recommended to avoid using the lower 50 cm (20 in).

The suggested usage is the display of an A0/US Arch E page in PORTRAIT orientation in the Main board. Use of the side board is optional.

The necessary material for poster display (tape, etc.) will be provided by the Conference Organizers.

Note: You have to avoid LANDSCAPE orientation for the A0/Arch E formats, since it is too wide to fit in the poster boards!

last update May 08, 2008, at 11:24 AM
by Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz