Special Poster Session for Young Scientists

A special student poster session will take place in the Grecale Hall during delegate registration on Sunday, 22 June. All students attending the conference have been encouraged to present their work in this session.

All work to be presented has been compiled into an Abstracts Brochure (PDF)

Posters will be mounted from 16:00 and manned from 17:00 to 19:00. In accordance with the guidelines for publication of contributions, these posters will also be displayed during the regular poster sessions.

The EPS-AG 2008 Prizes Committee will judge the work of candidates for Prize d) (see below) during this special session, and on the basis of the corresponding contribution to the conference proceedings.

Prizes and Awards for Young Scientists

Several awards will be decided during the Special Poster Session for Young Scientists:

EPS-AG Prize d)

A prize, awarded to a student registered for a PhD or diploma in accelerator physics or engineering or to a trainee accelerator physicist or engineer in the educational phase of their professional career, for quality of work and promise for the future. The winner will receive a framed certificate, and a cash prize of 1000 Euros and will have the opportunity to make a short oral presentation during the Accelerator Prizes Special Session during EPACí08.

Applications for Prize d) must be made via the form and be accompanied by letters of recommendation and justifications from supervisors/line managers submitted by e-mail to Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz by the deadline given below.

EPS-AG Prize e)

Best student posters, awarded to 2 students for particularly meritorious work selected during the special session for students. Each winner will receive a cash prize of 500 Euros, presented during the Accelerator Prizes Special Session during EPAC'08.

The Call for Nominations with criteria and deadlines is published at the EPS-AG Website.


Eligible candidates for Prizes d) and e) must apply to present their work in the special student poster session using the form accessible via their JACoW profiles in the EPAC'08 SPMS, by the deadline for the submission of abstracts to the conference:

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