Practical facts about Italy

Local currency

With the introduction of euro notes and coins at the Euro changeover in 2001, those denominated in Lire ceased to be legal tender at the end of the dual circulation period on 28 February 2002. Until 29 February 2012 it will be possible to go to any branch of the Banca d'Italia and exchange lira notes.
Most of the bank ATM machines (Bancomat) can be used for cash withdrawals with the major credit card circuits and with the Maestro/Cirrus cards.
Credit cards are generally well accepted in all shops and restaurants.

Climate and temperatures in Genova

With 8,2 hours of sunlight, June is a perfect period to visit Genova. In June the average temperature is 20.7C (Min. 17.5C, Max 23.9C), with a sea temperature of 18.4C and a relative humidity of 71% (data from statistics available from the township web site,


Please check the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry web site to check if you require a visa to enter Italy. Contact our local secretariat in order to receive the invitation letter needed for the visa application.


Italian electrical standards is 220 Volts, 50 Hz. Here on Wikipedia you can find a detailed description of the woldwide variety of sockets, including the Italian ones.


The EPAC'08 organizers do not accept liability for individual medical, travel or personal insurance, and participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance. Reciprocal agreements for free treatment exist with certain European countries.


Value Added Tax (VAT, IVA in Italian) is charged on all purchases at the maximum rate of 20%.

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